Treatment Prices

15 Minutes: $30

30 Minutes: $50

45 Minutes: $72.50

60 Minutes: $95

We also offer a Special Package of $855

for 10 hours of Electrolysis


What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is the science of permanent hair removal. A fine, sterile needle is inserted into the hair follicle and a small amount of current and heat is discharged destroying the hair follicle and preventing it from gradually producing another hair.

Electrolysis hair removal works on ALL hair colours and can be used on ALL skin types and colours to remove unwanted hair.


How Long Does It Take?

Deep, coarse hairs cannot always be eliminated with one treatment.

Although the number of treatments required varies with each client, those that adhere to the recommended treatment schedule usually accomplish their goal between 6-18 months.

Some improvement should be observed within a few treatments provided the client adheres to the recommended treatment schedule.

Factors such as hair growth cycles, the quantity and structure of the hair presented, previous uses of temporary hair removal methods, heredity, hormone function, certain medications and stress may influence the treatment program.


What are the Side Effects?

Immediately following treatment, there may be a slight redness and/or swelling which usually disappears within a few hours.  Occasionally, small whiteheads or tiny scabs may occur. Remember to keep the area as clean as possible for the 24 hours immediately following treatment. Scabs are part of the normal healing process and will not cause any permanent damage if they are not picked off.


Is Electrolysis Painful?

Each person¹s individual pain tolerance plays a major factor in the degree of sensation felt by the electrolysis treatment. You must work as close to your pain threshold as possible for the most effective treatment.

Your diet can affect your sensitivity. Avoid stimulants like caffeine, chocolate or sugar on the day of your

appointment. Some find a meal just before treatment helps reduce discomfort. Many clients find that taking their favourite pain reliever 30 minutes prior to their appointment makes their treatment more comfortable. 

Female clients may find that they are more sensitive during or right before their menstrual cycle.

Electrolysis Pre-Care

  • Drink plenty of water the day before, the day of and the day after the treatment.  
  • Dehydrated follicles are more difficult to treat. Hydration will also help your skin heal more quickly.
  • Avoid sun exposure 48 hours prior to your treatment to avoid dilation of the blood vessels.
  • Do not use Retin A, Tazorac or any serious retinoid for at least 1 week prior to your treatment. 
  • Discontinue Accutane for at least 6 months prior to electrolysis.

Electrolysis Post-Care

  • Following your treatment, do not touch or scratch the area treated. 
  • Do not wash or wear make-up over the treated area for 24 hours. Even washing with soap will cause irritation and possible infection.
  • Avoid perfume or alcohol-based products. They will dry out your skin.
  • Avoid excessive sweating if having work done below the neck. Sweat can cause bacteria to enter into the open follicles and cause minor infection.
  • Do not swim in a chlorinated pool for the first 48 hours following treatment.
  • If small scabs appear, do not scratch them away.This can cause scarring. Allow them to fall off naturally. This is nature¹s way of healing the follicle that we have treated. (the scabs are lymph fluid that has drained out the follicle and dried up)
  • Keeping the area moisturised will often curtail the formation of scabs.
  • Avoid the sun for the next 72 hours to avoid the formation of brown pigment spots. Your skin defends against UV rays by producing pigment, which will deflect some of the harmful rays. If your skin is injured or traumatised it can over-produce pigment in those areas. This can result in hyper pigmentation.
  • If you are prevented from coming in as soon as you would like for your next treatment, DO NOT TWEEZE! The offending hairs can be clipped off with small scissors or shaved.

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